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Top Non-programming language for developers to learn in 2023

Learning new programming language seem normal to us as developers, but besides common programming languages out there like C++, Java, Python, JavaScript… that help programmers build applications and websites, some other non-programming languages are used for documenting, structuring, and management that is worth for developer to learn.

What is programming language?

Before jumping into the list, let’s first take a look at the definition of what is called a “programming language” belike:

“A programming language is a set of commands, instructions, and other syntax used to create a software program.”


Or we simply understand that the text we write as a “programming language” is a set of commands so that the computer can understand and do what we want.

And why you should learn these non-programming languages?

As a programmer, you all know that our daily work is not all about writing code. It’s a combination of multiple small tasks like discussion, planning, meeting, coding, and testing…. Some of the most important aspects of these tasks are documenting and discussion.

These non-programming languages work as a tool for you to document, and write down your ideas in a fast, effective, and very developer style.

No more talking, let’s jump into the list:

Top non-programming language you should learn

Markdown Language

Markdown is a simple but effective markup language for creating a formatted document by just typing plain text.

This markup language become more and more used in recent years and got supported by many applications and platforms taking out there. Check out tools and applications supported by markdown here.

Markdown supported applications

AsciiDoc Language

AsciiDoc just like Markdown is a markup language for writing a formatted document. What makes AsciiDoc stand out is that this language can both designed with a concise syntax such as Markdown but also offers complex text formats like tables, description lists, notes, admonitions…

Besides being supported for more complex formatted, AsciiDoc language can transform the file into any document extension you could need: HTML, EPUB, PDF, DocBook…

To learn more about how to write a document with AsciiDoc, check out this documentation.

Unified Modeling Language (UML)

UML diagram

UML is a modeling language standardized to create a rich visual design of system architecture. It’s mostly used to create a well-defined diagram of the input, output flow, and behavior of the system in a simple and structured way.

UML is designed to be able to support and develop project in an object-oriented style so it’s very familiar to developers with background of object-oriented programming to be able to learn UML.

UML has become popular that it’s used beyond software development field into other non-software fields like business management, business analysis, marketing…

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)

If you are a developer, at least you’ve ever heard this language once and yes, HTML is not a programming language.

HTML is a markup language mostly used to create websites. Every website you surf on the internet was created and structured by HTML so it is one of the most widely used markup language out there.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

HTML is written to make a structure and function for a website and to make a page look more appealing, we use a language called CSS to structure and describe the look of your web page.

If you are a full back-end developer and have never touched any web-related topic, learning HTML & CSS is a great start for your development career in 2023.

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