Planning your 2023 a programmer way

2022 is coming to an end, it’s time we have a wrap-up for this year and spend time preparing plans for the upcoming year with a lot of hope and fun. In today’s article, l introduce a template for you to have better planning for 2023.

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Review your 2022

Beginning your planning, have a look at your past year, reflect on what have you been through, things you have learned, and your achievements.

Highlights of the year

List out your highlights in the past year. Whenever you have a good or a bad year, it’s always good when you take notes and reflect on your bright moments. Any events even small or big that can take on your memory are worth taking a mark on it.

So take some minutes to think and reflect on your whole year and write down at least 3 items of it.


  • Move to a new city or country.
  • Practice a new hobby.

Things you have learned

We learn every day as a developer, this list reflects on what have you learned, and which skills have you ground to be a better programmer. Maybe it’s a social skill like a presentation between many people or if you have learned a new programming language. Take notes and write down any lesson you’ve learned in the past year.


  • Learn how to create a web3 application.
  • Learn how to write clean code.


What are your goals in 2022? Have you done all of it?

We’re dreamers, and always have goals and targets to follow. Flashback to your targets of the past year, seeing what have you been through to achieve your goal. Write down any targets and achievements you have completed even when it’s a small win.


  • Reading 12 books.
  • Create your own blog.
  • First time joining a hackathon event.

Your weakness

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

Albert Einstein

We learn from mistakes, even if it’s small. We know it’s hard to reflect on our wrongs but the lessons we take from it have more value than anything we have learned. Write down what lessons you have learned from your own mistakes and how you can avoid them in the future.


  • Take notes on meeting to prevent misunderstandings.
  • Carefully review your code before any merge to production.

The coming year’s actions

What are your goals for the upcoming year? List down your targets for 2023.

Your goal should be clear, simple, measurable, and specific.


We are learning to be a better programmer,  what knowledge or skills do you want to learn in 2023? It could be learning a new programming language like Golang or trying new things with new technology like blockchain and web3 or maybe simply you just want to learn how to write more readable code.


Any ideas on how to earn more or how to be more productive? Write down your plans and ideas to promote your career to the next level.


  • Create a SaaS in 6 months.
  • Write and sell a programming book in one year.


Programming is a tough job that demands a lot of thinking, hours of sitting between the screen and keep learning to keep your knowledge. So taking notes on how to keep yourself healthy is worth noticing.


  • Practice exercise 30 minutes per day.
  • Meditate 10 minutes per day.

TODO list for 2023

The list for new things or goals that you want to catch. Write down 12 things, goals or plans that you wish to do, finish or try in the coming year. Each item should match one month to finish so that you don’t over planning.

That’s all for my template that helps you plan your 2023. If you feel it’s useful feel free to like and share it. You can get my free Notion template at here.