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Easily into Focus Zone – Top advices to be more concentrated

Living in a modern society full of attraction from day to night keeps us away from what we intended to do. So many things to do thus too much distraction and too less time to spend on those activities.

But keeping away those attractions from the outside world and target on your daily goal is not hard. Here are some ways you count on to achieve fully focus on the work:

Have your workplace

One way to stay away from distractions is to have your working place. This place should keep you away from all your distracting resources like your phone, TV, and annoying people. One place that so boring and silent that you can fully deep into your workflow. Try to keep all your needed items in this place at a minimum amount as possible and you can see your focus on the target skyrocket. I recommend going to places where you feel most comfortable and people are unlikely to disturb you like: your local library, a study coffee shop, or a private meeting room. And if you are going to work at home, just be sure your room is clean and away from entertainment resources.

Establish your goals

Start doing your work with the list of your goals. Whenever you try to do something, try to list out what is your goal of doing and try to split it into smaller tasks. The smaller the task you can split, the easier for you to stay focused.

Understand your mission today and you are already done half of the work.

Stay away from multitasking – say hello to prioritize

Don’t rush. Every path has its end. If you take on multiple paths full of directions, you are likely going too late for your goal or worse, failing to come to an end.

Your brain is not like a computer that can do many tasks at once. While trying to do so we are just switching between one task and another which can cause more fragments of focus will and reduce our focus on an important, challenging task.

Keep a list of your priorities and goals before doing any task. Take action and done toward every privileged task and at the end of the checklist, you can see you are doing more than you can imagine.

Keeping out of social media

Working or studying while your phone is next to you and you are likely to lack focus due to some buzzing message from the social network. You are going to end up losing “10 more minutes” on the social network before realize 1 hour was passed by. Using focus mode on your phone or trying extensions that block social network platforms from your browser are the best way to stay focused on your work.

Having a focus time on the day

Pick the best time of the day that you feel most powerful and most energic to do tasks. With some people, it’s at the beginning morning, while others like to work when night comes. Good moments on concentrate on your work can lead to better workflow, more ideas, and enjoyment.

Take enough sleep

Although you are a night owl or day lark, having enough sleep can impact dramatically on your memories and awareness. Having a good night’s sleep can help you more focus on the next day, consolidate your memories, and turn short-term memory into long-term memory. Take a deep sleep whenever you are felt sleepy, it is better than trying to stay up late.

Focus is important and it is a key to achieving every goal. Keeping your environment clean and taking good care of yourself are the best ways to keep our focus in mind. Taking these steps at your fingertips and you are helping yourself to keep your workflow.

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