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5 ways to start your insight programmers after a long vacation

Hello World 👋, year-end and vacation seem to be the most enjoyable time during the year when we just relax with friends, family and don’t have to worry anything about work. But back to “normal life” after vacation is hard since no one wants to deal with deadlines, meetings and bugs after such a long break.

Today let me give you some advices to make things easier for you — programmer, kick-start your workday smoother and less stressful.

1. Slowly transition your rest mode into work mode

Plan your return plan wisely by config your off-plan longer than you intended. Everyone needs time to back on track and you are no exception. Take one or two days after the vacation as a bootstrap day so that you can get used to your working routine again. You can advantage these days by doing things you enjoy when working like learning something new, creating a plan for the work week, workout, etc

By doing this, you will let your body and mind slowly back on the road. Taking a small time before the end of a vacation can also help your mind time to think about what to do next or plan for better performance at work.

So tell your teammate or manager that you will take longer day-off than they expect. Give your body and mind time to reflect and adapt to change after a long break.

2. Start your day early

Starting an early work day after vacation can help you prevent overwhelming from checking email, meetings and urgent tasks. Instead of jump right to pick your work task, take advantage of early time in the morning to meditate, drink water, reading and workout. These activities can help your body and mind prepare for a new day ahead with full of energy.

Wake up earlier mean you have more time in the morning ready for your work. Keep a ready and prepare state for a work day is very important to your state and performance. So be ready by set your alarm up, sleep early and take your early morning time to enjoy a new work day coming.

3. Planning for your new year goals

When talking to new year activities, one of the most heard are retro of last year and planning for new year. And yes, I’m talking just about plan for new year goal.

Take a small time sit down, brainstorm and think how your year ahead will be. Think about your most wanted activity, something that you happy when do. Then write down what action you will do to achieve your happiness, goal. Having new plans for whole year ahead keep you motivate to work hard and achieve what you want.

If you aren’t familiar with plan for new year. Don’t worry. I support a Notion template that help you esier when come to plan your coming year. It is build for developer and easy to use.

4. Learn something new

We always love and excited when it come to new thing. So new year is the best time for you to learn and practice new set of skills. After having plans and goals for new year, you most likely want to take action to earn your achievement of coming year by learning a new skill. 

It can be any skill you have long dream like marketing, writing or just a new programming language for your job, a new tech to earn your curiosity. Pick one and start with small steps.

Get start to learn new skill to achieve your targets this year boost your excitement then you are easier to adapt for work with a will to win!

Write down on the comment section sharing one skill you want to learn for new year 👇

5. Start small

If you have ever experience the feeling of daunting, overwhelming and lost when come back to work and have to deal with a lot of urgent tasks. These tasks keep coming and soon you will feel lost, your only think in mind now is how short your vacation was.

I have a tip for you to overcome this: take priority on small, easier tasks that you can finished during few hours. By prevent most axious, complex tasks and focus on smaller, more achievable tasks, you be more confident, more accomplished.

This give you a best start and boost you on first day of work to challenge more complex tasks.

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