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5 Ways ChatGPT Can Skyrocket Developer Productivity

Recently raised as the most popular and intelligent chatbot, ChatGPT proves that it can help developers to be more productive in their daily work by automating working processes. In today’s article, let’s explore 5 ways that ChatGPT can help developers skyrocket their daily work.

1.    Learn new tech

One of the hardest parts of being a programmer is that we have to deal with new technology changes every day which forces us to learn more and more.

Sometimes, learning new tech may be difficult and challenging for us even with a senior. Some common challenges come like: Lack of documentation or example,  overwhelming information, or maybe just installing software the wrong way.

By leveraging ChatGPT, it can help developers save time in several ways like:

  • Code complete: It is helpful and time-saving when you have an auto-generated code tool that helps you with unfamiliar code of new programming language.
  • Answer technical questions: ChatGPT can provide quick and accurate technical answers based on your question about new technology they learn.
  • Auto-generate code on requirement: Imagine you want to do something with new tech but lack information, and looking at technical documents is long and boring. ChatGPT can help you generate code on-demand with the new tech you are learning.

2.    Generate boilerplate code

Developers usually have to deal with boilerplate code like creating a React project from command, writing sort, and filter functions or sometimes you just forget what that function was named.

Instead of looking for Google, StackOverflow, or documentation elsewhere that you are likely to get lost or may not find what you need, ask ChatGPT to generate that boilerplate code for you. Furthermore, you can freely customize the boilerplate code generated from ChatGPT that most match your requirement. Which is a faster and more convenient way to solve boring problem. Then you have more time and energy to deal with the main concern.

3.    Answer and fix technical problems

Fixing bugs and solving problems are programmers’ daily work. Sometimes, taking time searching your problem on Google or StackOverflow may be time-consuming or even the solution may not match your case. ChatGPT has trained over a vast amount of data over the internet that can help you save time and quickly find your solution to your technical problem.

4.    Write code document

We all know that good programs always have good documentation. But we are developers, which are built and trained for solving problems, and because of that most of the time, we are preferred writing code or fixing bugs over writing documents. Not a surprise when we see writing technical documentation as a most boring and time-consuming part of our daily work.

With the ability to auto-generate coherent natural language text, ChatGPT help developer save a lot of time dealing with writing documents by generating human-like technical documents that are easy to read and describe detail, complex technical concepts based on developers’ input.

5.    Perform code suggestion

Developers spend a significant amount of their time debugging problems. AI pair programming assistance like GithubCopilot and ChatGPT are regularly trained over a large code base and framework that help developers write code and debug more efficiently.

Another benefit of having an AI pair programmer is to identify common errors and mistakes during the coding process which helps developers reduce time to detect bugs and also improve code quality so that easier to manage and ship to production.


Agree or not, AI assistances like ChatGPT are defining a new way approach that helps developers solve their technical problems. This AI assistance streamlines the problem-solving process and makes it easier and faster for developers to resolve issues.