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2022 review: A Journey to understand and reflect self

Hello all 👋, as 2022 has passed we are all celebrating a new year with many hope and plans. This article is about sharing my thought, knowledge, and lessons I’ve learned from the past year.

My problem from the past year

Living from other expectation

Being young and living in a social network era where fast news and information come and go. I have to live under a lot of pressure to be more successful than my other friends.

The pressure just becomes more and more when I graduated this April 2022, my parents and other members of my family have high expectations of my first job as my major was on the trend at that time with many successful images on the news.

Part of the pressure is also from me. Since living in a world connected by social networks, it’s not hard to see a lot of successful images of talented people who are young and living happily with their lives. To be honest, these images do affect a young person with passion and dreams like me.

And so from the beginning of 2022, I started to follow some “successful images” of people on the internet. And as you expected, thing wasn’t went well.

Multiple failed

Of course, the path of proving myself to others was not easy. It required much effort, self-control, and consistency. To do that, I try to become the “success model” by doing “successful” stuff like: waking up early as soon as possible, sleep less and doing more work, read many self-help books, workout like I’m never done before…

Blindly following steps to prove myself, I quickly became burnout after just two months and lost motivation on doing anything. I’ve lost, in the worst way of course. I realized that all the good habits that I try to build were too much for me to handle at one time. And so that good habits became “bad habits” since they affect my body and mind due to burnout.

  • Waking up too early makes me lack sleep and cannot focus in the morning.
  • Read too many books and I cannot remember all of their content.
  • Push me too much when workout that leads me to injured.

But failure was not the end of the world. We all hate the feeling of failure but it also gives us valuable lessons. My lessons were doing things that I don’t enjoy just to prove to people I don’t care and quickly doing something without thinking can lead to side effects.

Reflecting on myself

In the end, I have done things that were not based on my demand or wish but mostly to prove other expectations. So then I spent a whole month just thinking and reflecting on myself and my actions.

The time of doing nothing and reflecting was long enough for me to rethink on me and my problems. We all know that everybody has their own gifts and talents but living in the modern world is tough, we not even have to deal with problems in our life but also have to live in a standard model society build for us.

How do I solve my problem?

Rushing into building good habits in the short term can lead to burnout and I feel it. So the second time I try to build my life through habits, I do it as a Marathon event. You step every step slow, steady but make sure everything works as you expect and consistency is key here. And so I set up again my goal by becoming more productive, learning how to enjoy life, and bringing more value to other people.

Inspired by two books about building happiness through habits: Atomic Habits by James Clear and Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. I started to build my life through habits by taking every habit to a board, noting down and writing retro about things I learned every week through Trello.

The key point here is that you practice good habits not because you want to become greater than others or just want to show “hey, I’m a healthy person with good habits”. Think about building good habits as a journey to complete yourself on the path of becoming an enjoying person, love what you do, and do it for good of yourself and others.

As time goes on, the more I get used to new good habits, the more I feel better about myself. The journey of learning to adapt new habits and remove bad habits teach me a lot of things about how to manage time, how to be more productive, how to enjoy your work…

Lessons I learned from building new habits

  • Start with small and simple tasks.
  • Build your habits through your daily routine and set up environment around it.
  • Keep track and reflect on every small achievement.
  • Rewarding your win.

Applying these lessons, I managed to form a list of new good habits at the time pass by 2022:

  • Reading books for one hour a day.
  • Work out 30 minutes a day.
  • Meditation.
  • Write at least 300 words (for my blog) a day.
  • Wake up at 6:00 A.M every day.
  • And the list goes on…


Finally, by the time when the year passed 2022, applying a set of new habits through try, learn and adapting has become an exciting and rewarding journey for me. A lot of failures and lessons have been taught and I have become more confident more aware, and more enjoying my life. For the new year, I am hoping that I can share my knowledge, skills, and things I learned with many more people in a hope that building a clean and happier world.